Collapse – Ashesh Mitra

Note from author : This is a guest post by a good friend and fellow soldier who is fighting his predicament in a far better way than I ever did. It is not my work and I do not own it. All rights rest with Ashesh.



“Collapse the light into Earth”

Collapse. That’s the key word here.

Let me tell you a story. Are you ready?  I want you to imagine a tunnel which is pitch black and sealed at both ends. Inside this tunnel, there is nobody but you and your thoughts. There is food, there is a bed. There are recreational items such as a laptop and books. However, they are all in the tunnel.

Again, it’s just you, all alone with a handful of inanimate objects. This is where it gets interesting.

You see, your mind is stuck in this tunnel. Your body is existing in the real world. You’re eating. You are attending school. You may even have a smile on your face. However, it’s like someone has shut off all sensory qualities or placed you in a state of inertia, from which you cannot break out.

On some days however, it gets too much and you snap. You scream. You attack like a cornered animal. The insecurity and fear comes rushing out of you, taking control of your arms, legs and your mouth; making you do things you never imagined you’d do.

Then one day, you take a breath. Something in you that has kept you safe from danger returns. You make it return. This unquantifiable entity whispers a secret in your ear. It says “Fight God damn you!”

You don’t want to. You’ve gotten used to the tunnel. You like it there. But, the entity you have summoned is not giving up. Every waking hour, it prods at you with the same statement.


One day, you take a decision. You decide you want to get out of the tunnel and back in your body. You want to feel the sun on your face and the rain in your hair and skin. That day, you also find the dynamite, which was hidden under your bed. You use it to blow open a door. Taking a deep breath, you walk out.

However, being held captive in the tunnel has weakened you. You turn to loved ones and to friends. You heal. The smile returns to your face. Life seems to beckon to you, urging you to join it in it’s revels.

Suddenly, that inertia is gone. You want to run. You want to jump. You want to be you again. That inner You that you thought you’d lost.

The above short article is written based on my own experience with a severe disorder of the mind. I was lost in a black pool of darkness and I used to lash out in anger. I also used to cower, because I saw people with swords and guns coming to kill me.

Naturally, I took psychiatric help. I had to sit at home for an entire semester and lock horns with my tormentor. I just knew this-I wanted to get better.

Slowly, anguish became replaced with appreciation. Anger faded away and happiness returned.

Now, almost eight months after the metaphorical fall, I have reached a stage where the disease does not impair my regular functions. Yes, I still suffer from it and take medication for it, but I am the one in control now. I am reminded of a quote from the Sherlock episode The Abominable Bride. It goes thus- “It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the landing.”

To every person out there with a similar demon, or a similar tunnel in which you’re trapped, I want to say just one thing. This can be beaten. Hang in there and start looking for the dynamite. Take the help you need. Tell your parents how you feel and to those in treatment, I beg of you not to miss out on medication. There will be side effects but your life will come back to you.

Don’t let the bastard win.  

In solidarity



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