Why Our Gods Fall

It seems to me that in the present society, we tend to put our morals/virtues above our rationale. We also tend to make Gods out of human beings and try to force our virtues onto them. We put them on pedestals and when they fall, as human beings inevitably do, we ostracize them. Our sense of right and wrong allows no mistakes. We have also elevated words to such colossal standards that as soon as someone in power uses words our ever-willing minds agree to, we hail them as Gods and one by one, we watch our Gods fall. The problem with placing so much importance on words is that it breeds a lot of hypocritical behaviors. Someone who uses all the politically or morally appeasing words may in fact, behind closed doors doing the very things that would put his own words to shame. And when this is made public, as it will be made especially with a person of considerable recognition, our anger allows no room for forgiveness. Slowly but surely ours is becoming a society of punishment rather than that of rehabilitation and reconciliation. In this front, however, our virtues have failed us.

The view that no man must be allowed to speak his mind or a person may only speak as long as he is politically and morally appeasing everyone, only festers more paranoia in a society already plagued by it. We consider ourselves judges of the highest moral order, forgetting that as soon as the black robe falls, we resort to similar ways as the prisoner whose lives we have shackled. Even our art has come under this vigilance which restricts the imagination to flow through just a singular narrow channel before asphyxiating it and completely killing it off.

I am in no way saying that all crimes must be forgiven and pardoned. If crimes are committed, the appropriate action must be taken. I am not an expert on the justice front.  All I am saying is let us not expect the same sort of language or ideals from everyone and just because someone doesn’t look at the world in a similar perspective as ours, doesn’t mean they need to become apologists. It’s dangerous to create a society of apologists and even more dangerous to ask people to feel guilty for an action they haven’t committed.

I personally think that we are being born into a society that is incapable of objectivity and one of the main reasons why this is happening is the media. The media feeds us an incident making sure to remove all context from it and we chew and swallow this whole, without questions. Our media should be put under strict scrutiny and not allowed to concoct vicious, slandering and flawed stories. But that again is a huge expectation and would invariably lead to a lot of problems. The best thing to do then would be to not feed into the lies that are being sold to us and ruining any semblance of peace we have over it. We need to engage in critical thinking and not allow anything outside of our own minds to hold such influence over us.

This was my two cents. I may be subject to criticism for this and I honestly,  don’t mind. I would love to learn and have a meaningful discussion in a society riddled with angry outbursts and violence.


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