It started as a simple idea in a foggy head and soon it materialized onto my screen. I struggled with various issues over the past few years but the greatest struggle was my inability to pen down my thoughts coherently any more. I lost my grip and the words faded into oblivion.

But I know for a fact, that in some dusty corner at the back of my head, these words are alive and breathing. The air around them pulsating with vibrant shades of love. I know that if I put enough effort, they’d break free. I can see them fly one day, onto the paper, into different consciousnesses, an amalgamation of beauty and inspiration…

I can hear them cry… for Freedom. And everyday, it’s this cry that motivates me to move forward, to get rid of them from the safe confines of my head and share it with the world.

To words.

To Freedom.

To Me.